Sunday, 10 November 2013


Assalamualaikum and hiyaa..

Do you know him??
He is Song Joong Ki. The cute actor. Right?
I know him when I start watching Innocent Man. I love the way he act in A Warewolf Boy. So cute and the movie is really sad b'cause it makes me burst into tears. But its end with a happy ending. Not really happy but happy.

This is Myung Soo. I like him since I'd fall in love with Infinite's song. For me L is a very cute person. From the way he talk, and the way he looks and the way he smile. Ohh.. melting.

It's not that I like them I love them. I just like the way they act and the way they sing. They are very talented. I didn't mean to make them my idol. Of course not but I like to watch Korean movies and sometimes Korean song. Of course I like Can You Smile from Infinite. Not because Infinite have L but their songs are great to hear. But L is also the reason why I like Infinite.

I did use their name in my english essay. So what? My teacher doesn't ask me why? she only ask why was it the plot of the essay was always like that. It's like a different story but same. I'll try my best to make another good essay with another story.

It's A Story

Assalamualaikum and hiyaa...

I just wanna tell all of you that yesterday I went for a reunion with my friend and I hate it. It's soo skema laa.. Haha. Okay. In the morning I went with my buddies to City Plaza and it's the best b'cause it's the first time I played bowling. Before this I did went but I only watched my friends played so today I'm so exited. Although I didn't won but I've the memories.

After that, I went to Tutti Frutti to catch up with my other friend but that was really annoying. It's called a reunion but not at all. To me laa. I don't know other's opinion. Okay. Forget about it. Then I went back to my buddies and we have stories and we went to popular and then we do nothing..